Dog Walking

Here at Care4Paws, a dog walking service is provided that enables your dogs to have the physical and mental stimulation they need. They will be taken to suitable safe locations where they can walk, run, play and find interesting places to have a sniff around. The dogs will be taken out in small packs so they can socialise with their own kind as well as with the dog walker.

You can be assured they will have plenty of exercise and interaction, no matter what the weather. They will also be taken out for their fun time at a time to suit you.

  • Walks are a minimum of 50 minutes.
  • Dogs will be walked on/off the lead depending on your wishes.
  • The dogs will be transported with their friends in a fully equipped, crated, insured and roadworthy van.
  • After their walk the dogs will be towelled down and of course given a fuss!
  • You will be provided with notification of where they have been, who they have been out with and what they have got up to on their mini adventure.